Alia and Sara with modern motifs in Madhurya Outfits

Cinema has always played an important role in the lives of mankind. Dealing with emotions and feelings a small film of two hours communicates and touches the hearts of viewers in a big way. Films have always been a reflection of the existing society and values. What is trending in cinema becomes the Fashion statement of its times. Cinema in a way plays a significant role in the everyday lives of people. With the changing generation in Cinema, our new-age celebs have also started flaunting their styles which carry a purpose and are meant for the well-being of society. Renowned Bollywood actress Alia Bhatt is the apex on the list.

Cat Inspired Saree

Alia is often seen with her cat ‘Edward’ on her social media platforms. Alia is also associated with PETA. She was awarded the ‘Person of the year award’ in 2021. To display her endearment towards her cat she chose to wear Madhurya Creations' handwoven Chanderi saree in the Zee cine awards in 2017. Where she won the Best Actress award for ‘Udta Punjab’. The bubbly Alia was seen in a mature look for the first time, since her launch in debut ‘Student of the Year’. Alia wanted to make her appearance look Classy and mature with her natural peppy look. Her stylist Ami Patel who works closely with Madhurya Creations recommended this saree to her. Weaved with Green, pink and golden threads, the cat motifs showcase her affection towards Edward. Cats are symbolic of elegance, curiosity, mischief, independence, protection, serendipity, magic, and good luck. Alia carries all these beautiful attributes in her beautiful peach-colored drape. The message of Pet lover Alia was loud and clear in her elegant drape. Rani pink sleeveless blouse complements the saree very well. The look is traditional and modern simultaneously.

Our beautiful planet Lehenga

This elegant lehenga, which Alia wore during the days of Diwali has an inspiring story of its own. The lehenga was inspired by the paintings of 35 children studying in free schools of The Art of Living Foundation. Each panel of the lehenga portrays the visualization of the planet through the innocent eyes of the future generation. The pink lehenga was made from Chanderi Fabric. Unlike any traditional motifs, the motifs of planets, birds, flowers, mountains, sea, etc are seen on the panels of the lehenga. No similar motifs have been repeated on the lehenga, which makes it a unique piece in itself. The lehenga was made from 100% waste fabric. This lehenga helped 13 workers to pass through the toughest months of the pandemic. Each fiber of this lehenga carries a message of love and care towards our surroundings, be it, the planet or the residents of the planet. Madhurya worked in collaboration with Stylebyami to give this quintessential look to Alia.

Truck Art Saree

After Alia Bhatt, the second on the list comes the name of lovely Sara Ali Khan. Sara was seen wearing Madhurya’s quirky saree in the Global Citizen Event Live. Inspired by Indian truck art, there were 54 motifs and slogans in the saree. Sara wanted a customized design to blaze her affection for her mother. Her stylist Ami Patel understood her idea. In collaboration with Ami Patel, Madhurya Creations designed this marvelous piece for her. This saree fulfilled her purpose. The tagline ‘mere paas Maa hai’ (I have Mother with me) is successful in showcasing her love for her mother. In her Instagram post, she captioned the picture “because women in the saree are always pyaari”.

True she is..!! Sara’s saree won the hearts of stylists and fashion critics. She was praised for her choice of Garment, from all corners of the world.


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