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In the modern world when the life of people has become too stressful, the ancient knowledge of yoga and meditation is vastly relieving people. Awareness about mental health has become quite popular since the launch of the International day of Yoga in 2014. Yoga is the union of body, mind, and spirit. With the help of physical exercises when the mind comes to the NOW moment then the alignment or connection happens. This is Yoga. The ancient practice of asanas has several benefits for the body and mind which is not our intention to talk about in this blog.

Importance of the Mats or asanas

It is believed that one needs to sit on an asana while practicing meditation to retain the cosmic energy which is gained by a meditator during meditation. To imbibe cosmic energy an individual needs to make his body accessible to gain cosmic energy. Thus, practicing yoga asanas becomes essential. It is very important to use an asana or mat to perform the yogic postures perfectly. We all know Earth has gravitational force. The mat helps in retaining cosmic energy. Here the importance of mat or asana becomes essential.

Which is the best Yoga mat?

There is a variety of yoga mats available in the market. Most of the mats are made with PVC material which is originally a plastic-based material. It is not biodegradable hence it's dangerous for our environment. The less harmful ones are made with TPE, thermoplastic elastomer. But the best amongst all of them is Eco or Natural Mats. These mats are made with natural rubber, grass, cotton, or jute. Even our forefathers used to do their spiritual practices on these mats.

Madhurya Organic mats

Madhurya is determined to revive and bring back, in trend, the ancient traditional art forms. Madhurya has a variety of organic yoga and meditation mats. To name some, darbha grass mat, organically dyed mat, sambu grass yoga mat, banana fiber, vetiver meditation asana, chakra mat etc. These mats are anti-skid as they all are processed with natural rubber at the bottom to provide the practitioner with a perfect posture. Let’s get a brief introduction about these mats here.

Organically dyed yoga mat: available in 4 colors these mats are made of 100% cotton and are handwoven by the weavers of Bhavani village. These cotton mats absorb sweat and increase grip even when wet. It is 100% biodegradable and easily decomposable. These mats are available in indigo, turmeric, madder, and Tulasi dyes, which produce blue, yellow, pink, and green colors consecutively.
Sambu grass Yoga Mat: Sambu grass yoga mat is made using a mix of sambu grass, cotton and jute fibers. Sambu grass was traditionally used as the seat while offering Pooja. These are light in weight and can be carried anywhere. These can easily be washed at home.

Banana fiber Mat: made from the fiber of the banana. Fiber is extracted from the banana trunk. Banana fibers are woven together with cotton yarn, which provides this mat with a softer and more comfortable feel.

Vetiver grass meditation Mat: Vetiver grass is also known as khus in Hindi. It is Nature’s best coolant therefore, it reduces inflammation. It is beneficial for nerve and blood circulation problems. It has a beautiful fragrance that helps in relieving stress and emotional shocks. These mats are extremely helpful in grounding which provides depth to your meditation.

Chakra Yoga Mat: These mats are made with 100% cotton. The patterns of chakras are embroidered on the yoga mat. Each chakra is associated with a particular color. The embroidery is done with that specific colored thread of that chakra. These mats are highly beneficial for advanced yogis. Practicing Meditation on these chakras enhances the spiritual experience. These mats are very good to align the chakras and provide the practitioner with a fully blossomed and balanced persona.

Darbha Grass Meditation Mat: These mats are good for meditation as they help in retaining energy. A pattern similar to the Sahastrara (crown) chakra is made on the meditation mat. When one sits on the Darbha grass mat one can access the cosmic energy in way short duration of time than practicing on any normal asana.
(note: meditation is always beneficial but when done in the proper and natural surroundings and with proper accessories then the experience becomes phenomenal.)

Madhurya invites you to explore your best yoga mat from its wide range of organic yoga mats to give depth to your yoga and meditation experience.

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