How to find your perfect silk saree?

Silk has always been a subject of elegance and charm. It is associated with opulence, grace, and prosperity since ancient days. Silk has a significant history. So significant that a route was named after it i.e. Silk Route. Initially, female deities were adorned with pure silk sarees. But later Royal and Elite class ladies started inculcating expensive silk sarees on their special occasions. With time, Silk sarees became an important part in the lives of common people. But here we will be talking about how to find a perfect silk saree to wear on your favorite occasion. So let’s start.

India is a culturally gifted land. Each region specializes in a unique kind of drape. Talking about each type of Silk Saree is not possible in a single blog. So here we will be talking about some popular and easily available Silk Sarees which are deeply connected with the soul of India. Kanchipuram, Banarasi, Chanderi, Paithani, Jamdani, etc are the silks that are majorly worn in India.

Vibrant Shades of Kanchipuram Silk Saree

Kanchipuram silk sarees are considered to be the Queen of Sarees. The sarees are majorly made from mulberry silk. The sarees are known for their intricate and ancient motifs. Kanchipuram silk sarees are made by conjoining three strands of silk threads together. Kanchipuram sarees are generally bright and vibrant in colour. The body of the saree and border and pallu of the saree is in contrast shades with intricate and beautiful zari motifs. In Kanchipuram, the style of weaving, dual-shade sarees are quite very popular. The sarees are made from two coloured threads. The dual shade gives the saree a vibrant and classy look. These sarees are apt to wear at weddings and festive occasions.

Beauty in each Pleat, Banarasi Silk Saree

After Kanchipuram sarees comes the opulent Banarasi Saree. These sarees are unique and elegant in look and hold a special significance in the Northern region of India. With time, it managed to make a special place for itself in the trousseau of Indian Brides. These sarees can be found in vibrant, bright, and pastel hues. These sarees are famous for their brocade work. The border and pallu are intricately and beautifully embellished with Zari. In the old days intricate floral patterns were weaved with pure golden and silver zari. Real silk and pure zari work make this saree a treasure. Madhurya makes this saree on special demands. A typical ethnic wear, just like Kanchipuram these sarees are perfect to wear on occasions of marriage and festivities. In Madhurya you will find this traditional saree wrapping up the traditional motifs in modern styles.

The Elegant Chanderi Silk Saree

Chanderi sarees are known for their sophisticated and elegant look. These sarees have small sophisticated bootis made from zari. Heavy work of zari in jaal and bel patterns are adapted from the Banarasi weaving pattern, are also seen in the saree. But unlike Kanchipuram and Banarasi Sarees, these sarees are known for their sheer and elegant look. These sarees are easy to drape and comfortable to carry because of their lightweight. These sarees are often liked for their pastel and light colors like pink, peach, sky blue, off-white, and sea green colour. But the use of dark colors like red, green, blue, and purple are also liked by the customers. These sarees are perfect for festive and marriage occasions and are also apt to wear on formal functions.

The Elegance of Jamdani Silk Saree

If you are a lover of Saree and you often love flaunting a saree at formal parties and special occasions, then Jamdani Sarees are the must-haves. Sheer, lightweight, and easily manageable, these sarees promise to lift your personality on your chosen occasions with a traditional, sassy, or sophisticated look. The sarees are mostly available in light shades. Albeit, dark shades of Jamdani are also liked by the customers. Floral work of zari and threads are the specialty of these sarees. Small bootis of zari give this saree a sophisticated look. The pallu and borders of the saree generally have floral bel pattern.

The drape of eloquence Paithani Silk Saree

As Kanchipuram and Banarasi sarees are the soul of Southern and Northern part of India. Paithani sarees are the spirit of Western Part of India. Paithani sarees are made from mulberry silk. Real paithani sarees are handwoven and are made from pure gold and silver zari. To figure out the Real paithani saree see the reverse side of it. Authentic paithani saree will look the same like the front part of the saree. Red, black, green, blue and purple colors are dominantly used in the Paithani Sarees. The saree is famous for its peacock, muniya, huma parinda, roses and lotus motifs and patterns.

Madhurya keeps the authenticity and choices of its customers on priority. Madhurya helps you to identify pure silk saree with guaranteed quality of product. The foundation of Madhurya was kept, keeping the interest of weavers in mind. Hence, it strictly deals with handloom collections. By shopping with Madhurya you also contribute to the education of underprivileged children. The proceeds of Madhurya go to support Gift a Smile Project by The Art of Living Foundation.

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