Temple Jewellery

Love for Jewellery is not new to Mankind. This love exists since the primal times. Women and Men used to adorn themselves using stones, feathers and flowers. With development of Human species, metals and precious stones became an innate ingredient for jewellery. Jewellery is the symbol associated with beauty, grandeur and richness. Goddesses, Queens and Princesses, all are seen adorned with precious jewellery in portraits and pictures. The origin of jewellery can be traced back to the Mediterranean (currently known as Iran) i.e, around 3000-400 BC. During those times people started using Stones and metals to adorn themselves.

History of Temple Jewellery

The design of jewellery keeps changing with time. In India, the most prominent type of ancient jewellery existing in modern world is, Temple ewellery. Thankfully and surprisingly it never went out of trend. The earliest traces of temple jewelry can be traced back to the times of the reign of Chola and Pandya dynasties i.e during the, 9th- 12th century AD. These jewelries were inspired from the idols of Temples. Precious metals like Gold, Silver and precious stones are associated with the deities of Wealth and Prosperity i.e, Devi Lakshmi and Sri Ganesha. Hence, the figures of these deities are majorly moulded on the jewelry. Other than Lakshmi and Ganesha, the Jewelry also has designs of prominent Hindu deities, to name some, Ram Sita, Krishna Radha and other female deities. Temple jewelry also includes patterns of leaves, trees, peacocks, coins, conch and bells etc.

India is amongst one of the ancient and oldest land existing in Modern world. the glory of this land is described in ancient Hindu Scriptures. Hence it carries the spiritual and religious characteristics in the tradition too. Similarly, the jewelries were also designed keeping the rich tradition in mind. In ancient times deities were adorned with pure gold jewelry. Temple dancers and elites of society started using its replicas with the passage of time.

Significance and types of Temple Jewellery

It’s a tradition in South India to wear Temple jewellery in Marriage and auspicious occasions. Kasulaperu (a traditional necklace made with goddess Lakshmi coins), Manga Malai (a long neckpiece with paisley design), Vadiyanam (waist band), Vanki (armlet), Bangles, Jhumkas (earings), Nethi Chutti (Maang Teeka), Jada Billa (hair accessory), are some of the major types of traditional Jewelries, a South Indian bride is generally adorned with.

Why is wearing Temple Jewellery considered to be Auspicious?

Wearing Temple jewelry is considered to be auspicious in Indian culture because significant deities of Hinduism, Lakshmi and Ganesha are representative of beauty, prosperity and luck . Wearing these on the occasions like marriage is considered to bring good-luck to the bride. This jewelry also holds a special place in Indian Traditional dance forms like Kuchipudi and Bharatnatyam.

Past, Present and Future of Temple Jewellery

As mentioned earlier, Deities were adorned with Temple jewelry initially. With the passage of of time temple dancers and people from elite sect of society acclimate to wear these jewelries as mark of devotion and grandeur. These jewelries were made with gold and precious gemstones. But in recent times people started to spruce up their look with these jewelries.

Temple Jewelry has a special place in the Southern part India. But its craze has never faded with times and place. In fact, these jewelries came back in trend with full boom, in recent days. These jewelries are not limited only to the occasions of marriage and festivals but now they have become a part of contemporary fashion. Temple jewelry is proudly flaunted by the icons of fashion who are, models and actors in recent times.

The admiration of fashion world led the common people, women and girls appreciate this lore. Today’s fashion friendly generation is well acquainted with the ongoing trends and proudly flaunts Temple jewelry in modern outfits and at formal occasions too.

What makes Temple Jewellery so special?

Temple jewellery are so very special in all aspects. Intricate designs by skilled craftsmen makes this jewelry indispensable in recent times. The making of these jewelries takes a lot of time. All figures and features are hand crafted with so much concentration by skilled craftsmen, makes them look exceptional. The jewelries are made from pure metals which makes them heavy. The deities in-crafted make this jewelry auspicious and harbinger of Good-luck.

Madhurya Temple Jewellery

In Madhurya, we bring to you most elegant and assorted designs of Temple Jewellery, for your special occasion. Devi Mahalakshmi and designs of peacock and elephants are prominently liked by the customers. The jewellery is made with pure copper and 92.5% pure silver. Madhurya is determined to save the dying arts of India. There are handful of artisans left who are keeping this art alive in the traditional form. Madhurya is determined to save that. The proceeds of Madhurya goes to support Gift a Smile project by The Art of Living foundation. The project provides free education and meal to the under privileged children. By shopping with Madhurya you contribute to support the livelihood of a Craftsman and also sponsor the education of a child.

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