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Dive deep in the world of Banarasi Sarees with Madhurya

The holy city of Kashi (now Banaras or Varanasi) is of utmost significance in the Hindu mythology. It is one of the oldest city existing in the world. Every aspect of life is cherished in the land of Kashi. Kashi is believed to exist on the edge of Lord Shiva’s Trishul (trident). it is said that Kashi is situated at such a height that it can never be doomed even on the day of apocalypse. Such is the glory of Kashi and same can be said for Banarasi Sarees.

Importance of Banarasi Saree

Banaras in hindi means Readymade juice (that which is ever succulent). When it comes to the clothing, Banaras holds a special and unique place in the domain/arena of fashion. The varieties and ranges available in Banarasi sarees is mind boggling. In Indian traditional families it is said that, the trousseau of Indian Bride is incomplete without the traditional Banarasi saree. The importance of Banarasi saree is such, that at least one Banarasi saree should be mandatorily available in wardrobes/ collection of every Indian girl of whatsoever class, sector or religion she belongs.

Childhood remembrances

Belonging to such a family, Sushmita Sethi a yoga instructor decided to get married in the year 2017. Unlike other brides she chose to wear 25 years old saree, of her late mother. “Since my childhood I was inclined towards the logic/reason behind our customs. With time, I came to know how ancient, authentic and exquisite saree is. Specially, the silk ones.” Elaborating further she says,” mothers hold a special place in each child’s life. It is my mother who has inculcated love and respect for Indian values and customs. She was highly educated. In those times she taught me not to believe and follow anything blindly. There is a valid and scientific reason behind every ritual. I believe, It’s she, who has laid the foundation for me, to be a yoga teacher, in my childhood. “

Mom, Memories and Marriage

Remembering further Sushmita adds,” The prominent memories I have of her is playing with her pallu as she was often draped in beautiful sarees, even at home. Her pallu was the biggest shelter for me in my high as well as low times. I remember, My mother used to look divinely beautiful in silk sarees specially at poojas and functions. Her love for Banarasi silk sarees was phenomenal. Her style and elegance used to attract me and that instilled the love for Banarasi sarees in me. My mother wore an elegant Banarasi saree in her marriage. It was reddish maroon in color with golden zari bel pattern all over it. The pallu is heavy and quite lavish. Wearing her saree on my wedding day was an extremely emotional feeling for me.”

Combination of Best: Banarasi Saree

The Banarasi pure silk saree is made from types of fabrics including silk, cotton, georgette etc. The zari threads are used to make patterns and, motifs are made from real gold and silver. A traditional Banarasi silk saree gets completed with the help of The Best materials used in clothing. One saree is made up of the best quality silk, gold and silver (known as zari) and colorful and vibrant silk threads which is weaved by skilled weavers in many days and weeks.“I have great love for silk. I have a vast variety of Banarasi handwoven sarees in my wardrobe. My mother used to wear only cottons and silks. She told me once, Original silk has a special characteristic, it gives cooling effect in summers and warmth in winters. Silk is the best fabric to wear in Indian weathers. In ancient days’ ladies from Royal and Aristocratic families used to wear these handwoven silk sarees. When I was a student, I once saw the sarees of Queens and Princesses in the glass display of a museum. Since then, I wanted to keep my wardrobe rich with silk sarees. Luckily now I can afford the handwoven sarees. To purchase authentic handwoven sarees, I rely on Madhurya. Where I get authentic and wide range of authentic traditional silk sarees. The best part with shopping with Madhurya is they help their customers to select the best and help in styling too. I find more of a personal connection with Madhurya, than business centric approach.”


We at Madhurya bring to you, the exquisite collection of traditional sarees which are handwoven and are brought directly to you from the looms of weavers. Madhurya guarantees the authenticity and uniqueness of the product. We also insure our customer’s hard earned money, contributes to someone’s life. The customers all around the world can buy Madhurya sarees online from our wide range of Banarasi saree collection. Our stylists help our clients, to style with the best of sarees and accessories. You can visit our website at and shop online Banarasi sarees from us.

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