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White embodies nothing, yet everything. White is unassuming and all encompassing. White is pure, white is joy, white is elegant & sometimes coy. White is innocent, white is peace, white is simple & at ease. White is here, white is there - white is the wisdom of a greying hair.

"Safedh" is a love letter to the beauty & versatility of this timeless colour, where its nuanced tones and shades effortlessly craft narratives of their own. From the pristine white of snow to the creamy white of milk, to the vaporous white of clouds, to the imperfect white of the moon, to the lustrous white of a pearl, to the pure white of a swan, each saree in our collection tells a story story, evoking a sense of serenity and wonder.

An ethereal ensemble of gossamer white sarees, a tribute to the myriad hues and textures of ivory. Fashioned from delicate fabrics such as organza, muslin, silk, Tussar, chiffon, each adorned with exquisite aari, mukaish, chikankari, and zari embellishments, a tapestry of elegance and grace.