Madhurya’ was born out of the vision of Smt. Bhanumathi Narasimhan in the year 2007 to promote and support artisans and revive traditional Indian crafts and weaves. The first ‘Madhurya’ retail store was opened in The Art Of Living International Centre, Bangalore. The proceeds, in return, support the education of under-privileged children through the Gift-a-smile program of the Art of Living Foundation.
Madhurya brings to you an exquisite heritage collection of sarees, jewelry, furniture, paintings, sculptures and home accessories. Each piece is hand-crafted and has a definite identity of dignity, grace and elegance. We ship abroad too.

Corporate social responsibility – CSR
As you shop at Madhurya…
You are a part of the vision to revive, protect and celebrate the unique Ancient Indian Craftsmanship.
You Help a Dream by supporting the education of rural children through the “Gift a Smile” program of the Art of Living, which has 1096 free schools.


Corporate Social Responsibility