SKU: sku_140843   Technique: Handloom   Fabric: Silk    Saree Colour: Golden Pear   With Blouse: Yes   Border Type: Orange colour zari border with peacock and horse design motiffs   Saree Length: 6.25 mt   Origin: Kanchipuram   Care and Wash Instructions: Dry Clean Only    Pure silk and pure zari...the perfect choice when you're looking for a classic - the Kanchipuram silk saree with beautiful peacock and horse designs. How to Store a Kanchipuram Saree? 1. You can stack your Kanchipuram sarees folded on a flat shelf. You can stack the sarees on top of each other, 4-5 in one row. If you are stacking bridal sarees, then it’s better to stack a maximum of 3 or 4 together. 2. You should keep swapping the sarees after every few months. Move the top saree to the bottom, the bottom one in the middle, and likewise. It is advisable to keep the sarees in a stack instead of hanging them. 3. If you wish, you may put silica gel sachets to absorb the moisture that might build up. However, do not use naphthalene balls or any kind of deodorant in the storage area. 4. It is good to take out the stored Kanchipuram sarees at least once in a few months and spreading them out over a cool surface like your bed. Let them breathe for 30-40 minutes after which you can fold them back and keep them in the storage again. 5. In order to fasten the process of starch removal, you can open your new saree and shake it fall like you wave wet bedsheet. As the starch falls off, the saree will soften.  

Golden Pear Kanchipuram Silk SareeGolden Pear Kanchipuram Silk Saree

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Madhurya Creations has a widespread showcase of sarees from every loom in India that speaks of history and heritage... Uppada, Kanchipuram, Banarasi, Paithani, Jamdani, Patola or Chanderi…. The comprehensive spread has celebrities who have patronized creations from Madhurya to help reach a cause.