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Made from 100% organic certified cotton with a non-slip base of 100% natural rubber for grip. These yoga mats are eco-friendly. They can also be combined with other yoga mats for extra support. Cotton yoga mats absorb sweat and increase grip/traction even when wet.

Browse from our High-performance Non-slip, Yoga mats online collection...Cotton Yoga Mats,Organic Yoga Mats, Grass Mats, Banana Fiber mats and Sambu Mats with a unique alignment system that provides essential support and guidance to yogis of all abilities.

Super comfy, absorbent, foldable, sustainable, washable, non-toxic, and biodegradable. Organic cotton mats have natural rubber backing to elevate its anti-skid nature and all the dyes used here are herbal. Madhurya's unique natural rubber treatment on the bottom ensures a complete anti-skid property making it, a unique Yoga mat at affordable price online. Also great for hot yoga, the tall yogi, and the traveler.

Our Yoga Mat is entirely covered with cotton threads offering adequate cushioning and comfort to yogi. This yoga mat is extremely comfortable and durable at affordable prices online. Can be used for both indoor and outdoor practice.

This is 100% Bio Degradable and easily decomposable mat can protect our lovely earth unlike other PVC and foam materials.

Eco friendly bio-degradable Pink Cotton Hand loomed Yoga Mats are hand woven with care and love by high skilled old aged rural artisan only very few left in our generation. As hand looms are in brink of getting destroyed because of lack of artisans and order, We are in en-devouring to resurrect the hand loom by providing good work and wages to the rural peoples.