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Indian silk history is extremely vast and rich since long. Dating back in the civilization/days of harappa and mohenjodaro (i.e 4000 yrs back) people considered silk auspicious and beautiful material to offer to divine ,as well as, wearing themselves. Silk Sarees is one amongst the most traditional and old wears which is existing in present world. Although like other wears it got shortened from 9 yards to 5:5 yards, but it’s shape didn’t get tampered with the passage of time.  Varlakshami Vratham.  In South India, The importance of Varlashmi vrat is equivalent to the Karvachauth and Teej vrat’s of North India. It is believed worshipping Goddess Varlashmi is equal to worshipping Astalaxmi, which includes goddesses of wealth, earth, wisdom, love ,fame, peace, contentment and strength.  The Kanjivaram is widely known as the queen of silks and is a preferred garment of choice on the pious occasions and festivals.  Kanjivaram is not just a piece of cloth but a Saree that weaves together emotions and silhouettes.  It is one piece of cloth which is unbiased, nonjudgmental and ever accepting.  Madhurya  Madhurya is not limited to mere Kanjivaram sarees. We offer all forms of traditional Sarees like Jamdani from Bangladesh, chanderi from Madhya pradesh etc. It’s our vision and mission to, patronize the native artisans to revive the fading traditional art forms  and skill sets from ancient India.  This festive season we invite you to make a difference in a child’s life to some extent with Purposeful shopping and pray Goddess bless you with her divine light and blessings in all aspects of your life.   The proceeds of Madhurya’s sale support the education of the rural and under-privileged children through Art of Living’s Gift-a-smile program which has 702 free schools with 70,000+ students across India .