About Us

Madhurya's vision is to bring a piece of cultural heritage into every home.
We work closely with over 1,080 artisans and weavers across India, helping them keep craft traditions alive while supporting themselves and their families.
All of our products are environmentally friendly, promote well-being and use their proceeds to support the education of children in rural India.


Herb-dyed fabrics and natural fibers are eco-friendly, sustainable and provide a high level of comfort and softness against the skin.

Made from a combination of organic cotton, jute and grass. Non-slip.

Eco-printing is a technique in which plants, leaves and flowers leave their shapes and marks on the fabric. The plant material wrapped in the fabric is steamed/cooked to release the dye naturally occurring in the plant, creating a contact print in the shape of the leaf or flower used.

Handcrafted, made from organic materials such as cotton, reed, jute, grass, vegan leather, etc.

Brand with a good cause

The proceeds from Madhurya support the education of underprivileged children in India through the “Gift a smile” program.