Agnihotra Kit (with/without Cow-dung cakes)


Agnihotra, rooted in Ayurveda, involves a daily sunrise and sunset fire ritual, accessible to all, offering stress reduction, mental clarity, improved health, increased energy, and a more loving mindset. It aids in drug and alcohol de-addiction, nourishes plants, and neutralises harmful radiation and bacteria. Agnihotra harmonises life energy (Prana), purifies water, and creates a positive magnetic field during its practice. This field neutralises negativity and reinforces positivity, purifying the atmosphere and benefiting plant life. Agnihotra also enhances soil moisture retention, making plants more resilient to droughts, and improves fruit quality. Its medicinal properties - renew brain cells, revitalize skin, and purify blood, offering a holistic life approach. The healing effects are stored in the resultant ash, providing relief for various ailments experienced by people worldwide.

Agnihotra kit contains following items:

1. 100 % Copper Pyramid Pot / Havan Kund - 1 pc

2. Havan Kund Stand - 1 pc

3. Copper Chimute - 1 pc

4. Copper Tarbana - 1 pc

5. Copper Spoon Big/ Aachmani Big - 1 pc

6. Copper Spoon Small / Aachmani Small - 1 pc

7. With Cow-dung cakes (if purchased) - 1 kg

Dimensions of the Agnihotra pot =  14.5 x 14.5 cms at the top, 5.25 x 5.25 cms at the bottom, height = 6 inches.

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