Anand Padmanabhaswamy Tanjore Art

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The painting imbibes the energy of Lord Sri Anand Pamanabhaswamy along with all prominent Gods and Goddesses and Rishi Munis.

This painting glorifies the beauty and abundance of the Goddess of wealth Devi Lakshmi. Devi Lakshmi is seen sitting on an ornated throne bestowing her blessings to her devotees. The eyes of the Devi are full of compassion and love. The crown of the Devi is adorned with red and green semi-precious stones. The dome is beautifully carved with Gold plating and red stones. The garland of lotuses is beautifully painted along with four lotuses around her. The Devi is sitting on the throne of Lotus which is painted with pink color. The clothes and ornaments of Devi are made from real gold. The painting promises to bring the prosperity of the Goddess of Abundance with her.plating and embossed with utmost cleanliness. The myriad of colors used in garland and his face is as real as the Real Balaji in Tirupati. The two hanging diyas with flames give it a perfect Mandir feel. The archway is beautifully carved with two peacocks embossed over it. The archway also has semi-precious stones in red and green colors engraved into it. The mukhakriti (face) hastamudra (hand postures) and charans (feets) of the deity is evident and promises to bring the deity’s blessings to your home.

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