Lord Krishna with Gopikas Tanjore Painting

SKU: tp0022

In this Tanjore Painting Krishna with gopikas enjoying the time playing flute and spreading lots of positive energy. Gopikas are icons of energy, bliss and complete devotion.

Height: 1.5″
Length: 28″
Breadth: 22.3″
Materials used: Water Resistant Plywood, Cloth, Chalk powder, Semi precious stones, 22 Carat Gold
Color: Multicolour
Time to Ship: Within 10 days.
*All sizes mentioned are in inches. We have our manufacturing unit and can get your Tanjore Painting customized according to your budget and needs.Lord Krishna with Gopikas Tanjore Painting

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All these Tanjore painting creates positive energy in the atmosphere and brings harmony in the house. Gopikas are the icons for devotion. Complete faith and utter faith in Krishna. Unquestionable, unshaken and undoubtable faith and devotion of Gopikas in Krishna. There was nothing except Krishna for them. Completely immersed and dissolved in the divine. Experienced oneness through devotion, they experienced the highest through the path of devotion. It’s like if you pull one leg all the four come so when your devotion is so strong then the knowledge and proper action everything just come along with it naturally.this Tanjore Painting explains it all.

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