Organic Cotton Yoga Mat - Chakras with Mantra


Chakra’s are the energy centres which are directly connected with our emotional state. Feel uplifted using our seven chakras mat with their yantras, mantras and significant colour codes. This mat comes with a cotton-carry-bag also.

Chakra’s are the energy centers which are directly connected with our emotional state and are responsible for our Prana (life force energy). The healing effects of each of the seven prime Chakras are magnificent - they have a specific color and yantra (sacred pattern). Using these mats for your daily yoga and meditation practises will deepen your spiritual practices. This mat is also treated with natural rubber to give it anti-skid properties. It is biodegradable, washable by hand and can be dried in Sun. It can be used for both indoor and outdoor practices.

(Note - This is a naturally dyed handmade product. Color may vary slightly)

7 chakras and their properties:

  1. Mooladhara/Root chakra - controls the enthusiam in life. Color - red.
  2. Swadishthan chakra - control procreation and creation. Color - orange.
  3. Manipur/Navel chakra - responsible for joy and generosity in life. Color - yellow.
  4. Anahata/Heart chakra - feeling of love. Color - green.
  5. Vishuddhi/Throat chakra - feeling of gratefulness. Color - blue.
  6. Agna/Third-eye chakra - awareness and alertness. Color - Indigo.
  7. Sahastra/Crown chakra - enlightenment and oneness with the Self. Color - dark blue.
  • Care and Wash Instructions: Hand wash and Dry in Air
  • Dimension: Length = 84 inches Width = 27 inches

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