Characteristics of Traditional Kanchipuram Sarees

Kanchipuram Saree holds a special place in the trousseau and hearts of Indian women. The identity of this genre of Saree is not mere limited as an attire for Indian women but it’s a feeling which is passed on from old generations to new generations. Kanchipuram Silk Sarees are so durable that People keep the sarees of their loved ones as memory and drape them on special occasions.

There are so many sarees available in the market and finding out the real traditional Kanchipuram silk saree is really a tough job. In this blog Madhurya will help you figure out the real Kanchipuram Silk Saree anywhere, from the myriad of Sarees.


The weaving pattern and motifs of saree are traditional and old. Some motifs can be traced back to the times of Chola dynasty i.e 300 BC. The weavers of Kanchipuram sarees are considered to be the descendants of Sage Markandeya, who is known as the weaver of Gods. In ancient days the saree was offered to the deities as the mark of respect. Later the female members of Royal families and elite classes of society incorporated to drape Saree to show their affluence on public occasions.

The Fabric

Kanchipuram Sarees last long because of their sustainable and durable silk fabric. Three strands of mulberry silk threads are entwisted together and are converted to one strong thread. Then the weaving is done. This makes the saree more durable and long lasting. Along with this it provides the saree with ultimate lusture. Usually Kanchipuram saree weights around 2 kg.

The Weave

The weaving of Kanchipuram Silk saree is nothing less than an art. A Kanchipuram Handloom saree takes a lot of time and skill of an eminent artisan. The weaving pattern and motifs of saree are traditional and old. Some motifs can be traced back to the times of Chola empire and some are more old than that. The body, pallu and the border of the Saree are weaved separately and then are knitted together with extreme precision to give the saree a perfect look. The zigzag pattern which joins both parts of saree is known as PITNI. The contrast pallu and border of the saree is the specialty of Kanchipuram Saree.

The Motifs

A Kanchipuram Handloom saree takes a lot of time and skill of an eminent artisan. The weaving pattern and motifs of saree are traditional and old. Kanchipuram sarees are well known for their classic motifs. Each motif has a story to tell. The motifs were inspired from the natural surroundings. The significant ones are Rudraksh motif, Annapakshi motif, Manga (mango) motif, Kamalam (Lotus) motif, Chakram motif, Kudirai (Horse) motif, Malli Mokku (Jasmine flower), Gandaberunda (Eagle with two heads), Airavatham (Divine Elephant), Yazhi (combination of two animals) etc. Ancient in nature, all these motifs carry a special symbolism and were inspired from the natural surroundings. Embellished with such motifs, each drape is considered to carry a unique message.

The Colours

Generally, Kanchipuram sarees are bright in colour. Red, Blue, Green, purple, Yellow, White, Gold and Pink are some of the significant shades of Kanchipuram Sarees. Although with the passage of time new contemporary colours also gained their place amongst the traditional hues of Kanchipuram sarees. All colours are enriched with some qualities. The contrast colours used in Kanchipuram Sarees enhance the beauty of the saree. Madhurya has discussed the spiritual significance of colours previously in Its blog.

Original Silk Test

The major challenge customers face while buying a Kanchipuram Silk saree is about its authenticity. The specialty of Original Silk saree is when worn, they provide warmth in Winters and frigid feel in hot summers. But before buying a saree one can do a silk burn test to ensure that the saree is original. Take a strand of silk thread from the side of the saree. Then burn it. If the strand smells like a burnt hair, it ensures it’s the real silk saree. Other than this, Madhurya’s Silk Sarees come with the certified Silk Mark by the Government of India. Which authenticates that the silk is pure.

Why to Shop from Madhurya?

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