Tanjore painting of Lakshmi is the Goddess of Wealth & Prosperity. It is the Shakti – the energy that connects you to your Lakshya or goal of life. Ashta Lakshmi painting in the tanjore art form with all 8 forms of Goddess Lakshmi in one frame. Product Details Dimensions: Length: 50.5″ , Height: 38.5″ Materials used : Water Resistant Plywood, Cloth, Chalk powder, Semi precious stones, 22 Carat Gold Color : Multicolour Time to Ship: 30 days. *All sizes mentioned are in inches. **We have our manufacturing unit and can get your requirements customized according to your budget and needs. Contact No: +91 9886300552 Click here to Book your personal zoom appointment and explore entire collection from our store Ashta Lakshmi Tanjore Painting are all depicted seated on a lotus. This Lakshmi Tanjore Painting has 8 forms • Adi Lakshmi or Maha Lakshmi : an ancient form of Lakshmi and incarnation of Lakshmi as daughter of the sage Bhrigu. • Aishwarya Lakshmi : Goddess of riches • Dhana Lakshmi : for money and gold • Dhanya Lakshmi : Giver of agricultural wealth • Gaja Lakshmi : Giver of animal wealth, like cattle and elephants. Swami Chidananda interprets Gaja Lakshmi as giver of power of royalty. Vasudha Narayanan intrepret the name as ""one who is worshipped by elephants"" • Santana Lakshmi : Bestower of offspring • Veera Lakshmi or Dhairya Lakshmi : Bestower of valour in battles and courage and strength for overcoming difficulties in life. • Vijaya Lakshmi or Jaya Lakshmi : Giver of victory, not only in battles but also in conquering hurdles in order to beget success.

Ashta Lakhsmi Tanjore Painting
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Madhurya offers an exquisite collection of Lakshmi Tanjore Paintings which are a perfect combination of traditional and modern needs of India. Goddess Lakshmi is the source of wealth, fortune, prosperity, love and beauty. Being the consort of Lord Vishnu, the preserving principle, Lakshmi also signifies love and grace.